ADVANCED EARS in ear monitors. The quality is as good as it gets with 6 drivers and perfect isolation from the direct acoustic sound of my drums for the best sound possible. Thank you to Adrian at AE and to Christian for the introduction.

I have been with DW drums since 2014 and have a classics and a performance kit. My playing style and choice of equipment has gone full circle in recent years and I’m really excited about going back to a vintage classic style drum kit for studio and a performance kit for live. Thanks to Garrison and Steve V at DW for your continued support.

I have proudly endorsed Zildjian cymbals exclusively since 1982 and thrilled that Zildjian continue to support my cymbal needs so many years on! Being part of their growing family is a great honour for me. Thank you Bob Wiczling and Tina Clarke for the many years of support you’ve given me.
I joined the Vic Firth family as an endorsee in 2013 for their world renowned sticks. I was so blown away by the feel of VF sticks that I simply had to make the change. the balance, weight and even the pitch of every stick is matched by pair. Thanks to Joe Testa at VF for making this happen!
I have endorsed Remo drum heads since 1994. Before that I must have tried every new fad that came out from other manufacturers but always came back to good ol classic Ambassadors coated or clear or depending on the drum kit, pinstripes. Those three heads have everything I will ever need to cover all musical situations . Remo is the original and still the best in my opinion, they started it all! Thank you Remo for your support and Gary Mann for still being there!
I’ve been invited into the protection racket family and now proudly endorse their amazing cases. I have been using them for many years now and just love soft cases for my drums. Not only are they much lighter to carry than the traditional fibre cases, the soft padded interior protects my drums from scratches and scuffs and on the odd occasion where I have to transport them myself they are very kind to the interior of my car! Thanks to Dean Bowdery for the kind invitation!!